Nový sanitka TOYOTA Land Cruiser HZJ78 Hardtop RHD

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Typ sanitka
Rok výroby 2022
Lokalizace Spojené arabské emiráty Dubai
Datum zanesení déle než jeden 1 měsíc
Machineryline ID GV12147
Značka Toyota
Palivo diesel
Objem 4200 cm³
Počet válců 6
Konfigurace nápravy 4x4
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Stav nový
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New 2022, HZJ78 series, Diesel , 4,2 litre, 1HZ engine, Original Factory 'Right Hand Drive' Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop ambulances with stretcher and medical equipment.

Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop 78 Right Hand Drive

• Brand name: Toyota Land cruiser Hardtop 78

• Model: New 2022


• Drive train: 4×4

• Max. power: 195 / 3300 HP / RPM ISO Net

• TORQUE KgM/RPM ISO Net: 43.8 / 1200-3200

• Transmission: 5-speed M/T

• Fuel capacity: Dual (90+90L)

• Airbags: D+P Airbags

• Over all dimensions: 5245×1790×2120 (L×W×H)

• Tire: 225/95R16 6J

• Doors: 2 in driver cabin and 2 in rear side

• Seating capacity: 3 (Driver + 2 Co drivers)


18mm waterproof plywood coated with vinyl floor with raised edges, antistatic, anti-slippery and easy to clean. Partition:
Bulkhead 18mm PVC intecel sheet partition between driver and patient compartment with a sliding window door. Insulation:
Polyurethane thermal Insulation in the patient compartment to prevent from heat and cold Cabinets:
- Made of PVC intecel plywood which is waterproof and heat resistance.
- Main cabinet for medical equipment and material storage at the left side wall and oxygen storage compartment integrated in the same cabinet near to partition wall left side. - Acrylic sliding doors with aluminium sliding channels at the necessary places - All cabinets will be closed with lid and provided firm lock.
All windows are tinted with frosted film Seats:
- Squad bench or attendant seat at the right side with back rest and 2 point safety belts integrated, underneath storage box with open top Grab handle:
- One small handle mounted on the rear entrance door at the right side IV Hook:
- Installed above the left side cabinet with movable IV holder near to patient 4 IV holders
Stainless steel Stretcher loading ramp provided in the rear side for main stretcher for easy moving.
Central Oxygen System:
- Heat resistance Oxygen hoses connection from oxygen cylinder to quick connects
- 2 no’s 10L Oxygen cylinders
- 2 no’s Flowmeter with humidifier
- 2 no’s Regulator with pressure gauge
- 2 no’s of Oxygen outlets or quick connect Air condition and ventilation:
- 12V ventilation fan with integrated light installed at the rear side roof
- Separate AC unit wall mounted at the front side partition in patient compartment with heater

Electrical equipment:
- Control panel box with fuses and relays
- Switch console for both driver and patient compartment
- Marking signs for switches and cables
- 12V socket 2 no’s and 220V sockets 2 no’s in patient compartment Interior lighting:
- LED ceiling light 2 Nos installed in a row

Exterior Lighting:
- LED Light bar siren 100W mounted at the front roof top
- Siren control unit with microphone installed on the driver compartment
- 2 no’s roof f beacon lights mounted in the rear area
- Halogen lights at loading entrance rear side
- Front Grill flasher

Lettering & Livery design:
- Ambulance front and rear mirror image in Arabic and English
- Logo as per customer requirement

Medical Items
- Auto loading stretcher
- Foldable stretcher
- Portable suction unit
- Spine board
- Head immobilzer
- Ambu bag 3 size
- First aid kit
- Syringes 3 sizes 5 each
- Sphygmomanometer
- Stethoscope
- Sharp container
- Fire extinguisher 2 kg
- Face masks

For export outside of EU countries only..
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