Nový hydraulický lis Hesse+Co DURMA AD-R 30175

nový hydraulický lis Hesse+Co DURMA AD-R 30175
nový hydraulický lis Hesse+Co DURMA AD-R 30175
nový hydraulický lis Hesse+Co DURMA AD-R 30175 obrázek 2
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76 324 €
≈ 1 887 000 Kč
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Značka:  Hesse+Co
Model:  DURMA AD-R 30175
Typ:  hydraulický lis
Rok výroby:  2023
Netto hmotnost:  10520 kg
Lokalizace:  Rakousko Wiener Neudorf
Datum zanesení:  déle než jeden 1 měsíc
Identifikační číslo dealera:  8281
Celkové rozměry:  4.25 m × 1.7 m × 2.75 m
Stav:  nový

Více podrobnosti — Nový hydraulický lis Hesse+Co DURMA AD-R 30175

prompt, Zwischenverkauf v
76324 €
1534.11 €
175 to
3050 mm
Y1 / Y2 / X und R Achse
265 mm
2600 mm
410 mm
530 mm
160 mm/s
10 mm/s
100 mm/s
650 mm
500 mm/s
140 mm/s
250 mm
900 mm
104 mm
18.5 kW
4250 mm
1700 mm
2750 mm
10520 kg
4 axes (Y1, Y2, X, R)
CNC control DT-15
- 2D grafic display 15+quot;
- intuitive touch-screen control (simple drawing of the bending outline with your finger)
- user friendly programming in dialogue form
- automatic calculation of the bending sequence
- automatic calculation of the blank sheet size
- graphic product and tool memory
- correction possibility
- USB interfaces for backup and programm transportation
- PC software, generating programms on the PC and transfer to the machine by USB
servo motorized back gauge on linear guides and ball screws
back gauge finger blocks on double linear guides
CNC crowning table
intermediate clamps for upper tool
upper tool1010/A/75°/0,8/105, sectioned,bending radius hardened and ground
die holder for 60 mm dies
die type2009/85°(V 16, 22, 35, 50 mm)sectioned, geteilt, bending radiihardened and ground
laser safety device Fiessler AKASmounted on the upper beam
linear guided sheet support arms
protection covers on the sides andback side
according to CE rules
users manual in GERMAN and ENGLISH

- more stroke, daylight opening and gap in side frame
- higher approach- and retraction speed of upper beam
- higher back gauge speed
- back gauge fingers on double instead of single linear guide
- more available options as Z1/Z2 axes, tandem execution, other CNC controls ...

(sample photo)

Optional equipment:

CNC controlled R-axis

quick connecting terminals for the upper tool
€ 842,--

hydraulic or pneumatic tool clamping
on request

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Zustand neu
Baujahr 2023
Lagernummer 8281
Lieferzeit prompt, Zwischenverkauf v
Bestseller 1
Lagernd 1
Presskraft 175 to
Achsen Y1 / Y2 / X und R Achse
Hub 265 mm
Antriebskonzept hydraulisch
Eilgang Y-Achse 160 mm/s
Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit Y-Achse 10 mm/s
Hinteranschlag Verfahrweg X-Achse 650 mm
Hinteranschlagsgeschwindigkeit X-Achse 500 mm/s
Hinteranschlagsgeschwindigkeit R-Achse 140 mm/s
Hinteranschlag Verfahrweg R-Achse 250 mm
Tischbreite 104 mm
Motorleistung 18.5 kW
Breite 1700 mm
Gewicht 10520 kg
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